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We are a company that specializes in  video production, photography, graphic design and digital marketing. A large part of what we do is our social media management services. We plan, design and execute full scale marketing campaigns through your social media platforms and create thoughtful, engaging content for our clients. 

Many companies find that outsourcing their social media marketing and content production comes with great benefits not found with in-house management. We work directly with your marketing teams to catalyze growth and improve engagement across a variety of platforms. We are an extension of your marketing sector, sales team, and customer service department. Our intention is to help you boost sales and engagement through a variety of cutting-edge, social media marketing techniques. 

There are over 1.96 Billion Social Media users worldwide and this number continues to rise.

In the words of Bill Clinton, "The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.'' 


Consulting Services


The Midlands group is at the forefront in cutting edge social media marketing and guerilla marketing techniques that have proven successful for our clients. Instinctively, The Midlands helps your company grow and adapt to changing times and varying demographics to best attract new customers and followers to interact with your brand.


Social Media services for all budgets. 

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Why Outsource Social Media?

On average at The Midlands Group LLC there are 10-12 people working on an account. This includes photographers, videographers, social media managers, market researchers/analysts, creative directors, and interns. This large team would not be economical for a company to hire in house. With the Midlands Group you get large team work on a small team budget. Because we are not an in house team we are able to step back from the brands and companies we work with and take a look at the bigger picture. We are able to see trends. We also have the ability to take ideas from other marketplaces and inject them into yours. Because of all the brands we work with we are able to create partnerships and collaboratives that other in house teams aren’t able to create. This often saves money, reaches a larger consumer base, and shocks the marketplace. The Midlands team is driven by a team of two young talented individuals that are highly in touch with today’s marketplace. We understand our customers needs and work tirelessly to make sure our customers are happy at all times. Social Media does not sleep therefore we do not either.  Your account will be tended to 7 days a week  24/7.