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Elevate your brand with our Videography and Photography Packages.

E-Commerce Video


Midlands has worked across a variety of industries for our clients to create stunning e-commerce photo and video galleries for their websites and online shops. E-Commerce Photography has been around for sometime, but latest trends show video finding more traction online for prospective buyers. Midlands prides itself on being at the forefront in e-commerce videography services.


E-Commerce Photography



Why us?

At Midlands, we provide the utmost care and attention towards our clients. The reality is, you want the best images and video clips to show your prospective buyers what they are purchasing and distinct stylistic features to your pieces.

  1. Responsibility

You also run a business and don’t have much time to spare. You want a service that is transparent, technically capable, and reliable under pressure. We are all of that and more.

2. Mobility

We realize many clients want to be on set while the shoot is taking place. The mobility of our operation is second-to-none. We provide lighting, backdrop, and can source the talent for your e-commerce job anywhere in the world.

3. Capability

From conception, planning, and pre-production, to final deliverables, the process could not be any more simple with Midlands. We have honed in and perfected the process of e-commerce.


Midlands receives requirements and deposit for e-commerce shoot


Decide on location and date(s)

Source talent and model(s)

Source styling and hold fitting

Receive line sheet

Pre-production and concept (review backdrop colors, stylistic desire, lighting, and expectations)


Shoot day(s)


Tethering and tech setup for client to review each shot

Marking images as we go



1-5 business days after the final shoot day the raw files are delivered or taken to owner

Once the images and/or clips are selected, retouching and post-production commences

Files are named per the requirements of the line sheet

1-3 weeks later the images are returned in a secure folder, fully retouched per your site and print requirements.